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15 courses for people who have different needs and levels of learning, such as Comprehensive, HSK, Speaking or Reading.

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The average teaching experience of our teachers,with cross-cultural communica-tion and bilingual skills, has reached over 1825 hours a year.

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Online classes and offline classes both available. Individual and group classes for different studying need. Language courses and cultural events for immersive experience life in China.

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  • Beginner - Intermediate

Comprehensive Course

1. Based on the needs of students' daily conversation, this course will strengthen and improve students' ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. It will stimulate students' interest in learning through rich and interesting exercises, activities and games.
3. It also highlights both traditional Chinese culture and modern life.

  • HSK1-6

HSK Standard Course

1. Based on the HSK syllabus, this course simulates and transforms different contexts so that students can acquire practical skills in language use.
2. It will focus on cultivating students' comprehensive ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
3. Through systematic study, this course can help students pass the HSK test smoothly.

  • Beginner-Adavnced

Spoken Chinese Course

1. This course is a series of courses to develop students' oral communication skills, including all levels.
2. Topics are directly related to students' daily life, study, work and activities.
3. The vocabulary and sentence patterns are realistic, which can help learners improve their listening and speaking skills.

  • Beginner-Adavnced

Business Chinese Course

1. Based on business corpus, this course enables learners to conduct business activities in Chinese.
2. It helps students understand the basic etiquette of business communication, and get familiar with the basic terms of international trade contracts.
3. It has three stages: simple life tasks in business, life and social knowledge related to business events and tasks, comprehensive learning based on a real business corpus.

  • Advanced

Selected Material Course

1. This course is suitable for HSK level 5 and above.
2. The course design will select appropriate learning materials according to the topics that students are interested in (such as: economy, politics, history, science, technology, social phenomena, current affairs, news, etc.)
3. The ability training of translation will enable the learners' oral Chinese expression to be similar to native Chinese speakers.

  • Intermediate

Chinese Character Course

1. This course focuses on enabling students to master the basic concept of Chinese characters.
2. Students can learn and master more than 200 Chinese characters after taking this course.
3. The relationship between Chinese characters and methods of learning will also be taught.

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Student Community Feedback

l liked that the teacher used Chinese language during the class. Even though l didn't understand every word she said, l enjoyed listening and l could guess the meaning. Listening is very important.

Masha Cruis

ln general l think teacher did a great job.The preparation of each class was 10/10, l rarely felt that 90 minutes have passed; She created a relaxing atmosphere and is always ready to shoot out a couple of examples for each question weasked so we could understand something better.Creating real life situations, tests, games etc really is very helpful when learning and soaking up a newlanguage, and l think she did it very well.

Aly Pan

I really liked the lessons with my teacher ! She enthusiastically talks and asks interesting questions. Sometimes I asked her to write a transcription(phinin) and she quickly responded to my questions ! Thank you for the wonderful classes and the opportunity to consolidatc the material covered !


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