Our comprehensive course is suitable for you. This course aims to help learners acquire basic communication skills. The topics cover most daily situations, like shopping, ordering food and workplace conversation for example. If you want to know more, check the link below.

The schedule depends on your availability, the students and the teacher. Our working hours are from 9:00 am-9:00 pm, Mon_Sun, Beijing time.

If it’s a 1-1 class, then just the student and teacher. If it’s a group there will be at least 2-6 people in a class.

We now only provide live stream classes for online. Zoom would be the platform for people from the different countries. Tencent Meeting is an option for those in China. In person sessions are available in Chengdu, China.

Our courses are all based on textbooks and learning materials. Online courses have digital versions provided. Materials can be provided before class. After which you will have notes, homework and materials to aid you with revision.

This depends on the course. Variables like the speed of learning and the size of class. Average hours for a course is 50 hours.